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Posting Products

You can post Selling Leads in "Selling Tools" within My Palakkad, or from many other pages by clicking on the "Post Selling Leads" link in the "Seller Tools" box.

Upon publication, buyers will be able to see your Products and Selling Leads, to which they can reply. All of the buyers' messages will be sent to your own Message Center in My Palakkad

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Detailed Steps to Post a Product
Detailed Steps to Post a Selling Lead
Company Profile
Message Center
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1.       Detailed steps to post a product

Go to "Selling Tools" in My Palakkad and click "Post New Product." When you get to the "Post New Product" page, provide the required information and click "Submit" when finished.

2.       Detailed Steps to Post a Selling Lead

A "Selling Lead" is an online invitation to suppliers to send you a quotation. To send a Selling Lead:

1.       Sign-in at "My Palakkad." Click "Selling Tools" and then click "Post a New Selling Lead."

2.       Complete the Selling Lead form with all relevant information, including the information on desired product, price and amount.

3.       Finally, it is better if you attach a photo. When this process has been completed, click "Submit" when done.

Form to be filled

3. Company Profile

The "Account Information" section in My Palakkad stores your Company Profile. When your Member Profile is approved it will be published on If your Company Profile is rejected, you will receive an email informing you about the necessary modifications.

For other members to have an summary of your company, please complete the form below. Please provide accurate and detailed information to ensure clarity.

Form to be filled

My will approve or reject your Company Profile within 24 hours. You can monitor the status of your posting any time.

4.       Message Center

1. What is a message center?

Message Center is a communication management tool that gives you an easy and efficient way to track the messages you send and receive from other members. With this you will have the ability to manage all inquiries and quotations, store all such messages that are spam-filter enabled.

2.       What are inquiries and quotations?
Inquiries are messages sent from buyers and Quotations are messages sent from sellers.

3.       Storing unlimited messages.

Your Message Center Inbox can hold unlimited messages while all prior messages are stored chronologically and can be accessed by using the drop-down menu on the tool-bar. Inquiries and Quotations older than 12 months will be automatically deleted.

4.       What is bulk folder?

The Bulk Folder houses suspected junk mail/spam. Messages may be recovered by clicking "Not Spam." After sometime they will be deleted.

5.       How to use block list?

Sometimes members receive unwanted messages. You can use "Block List" option on Message Center" to filter out unwanted messages. With this control method, messages from Member IDs, email addresses or countries you wish to block will be deleted automatically:

With "Block List" you can add new blocking details or remove existing blocks, by taking the following steps:

1.       Sign in with your Member ID and password at
2. Click "Block List" in "Message Center."
3. Fill out the form.
4. Click "Block" to confirm your Block List settings.